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  • PDF Drawing Ballooning
  • First Article Inspection
  • Quality Control Plans
  • Inspections: Incoming, In-Process, Finished Goods
  • Process Capability (Cpk, Ppk)
  • SPC, Run Charts, Histograms
  • Non-Conformance (NCs), Corrective Actions (CAPA)

All the features you need to get your job done.

Digital Ballooning and First Articles

Digital Ballooning

1factory is the fastest drawing ballooning system on the market. 1factory automatically reads and identifies features on your drawing. Simply point and click to add a balloon, and capture the dimension, tolerance, & zone for the First Article Inspection (FAI) report.

Data Capture

1factory speeds-up data capture and eliminates data-entry errors. Automate data collection from digital gages, barcode readers, and CMMs. Upload CMM data output data in .csv and .xls formats or upload other Excel data files.

Automated Reporting

Generate first article reports at the click of a button in spreadsheet format. Easily transfer dimensional results data to PPAP and AS9102 report formats.

Ballooned Drawing for First Article

Quality Control Plans

Speedy Set-Up

Quickly create quality control plans in one of four ways: upload an existing excel plan, digitally balloon a drawing, copy and modify an existing plan, or manually enter features.

Leverage QC Plans

Create quality control plans only once. Reuse the same plan for first articles, in-process inspection, and finished goods inspection. Reduce document maintenance efforts.

ISO and Audit Readiness

1factory automatically revision controls and maintains history of changes to quality control plans so you and your team are always working off the latest plan.

Quality Control Plans


Instantly capture, organize, and analyze dimensional data from digital gages, keyboard, optical comparators, CMMs etc. Define and ensure conformance to sampling methodologies including C=0, ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, ANSI/ASQ Z1.9, Continuous Sampling Plans etc.

Receiving Inspections

Inspect incoming material, and record, analyze and share data with suppliers. Easily manage and associate third-party certs (raw material, heat-treatment, electro-plating etc.).

In-Process Inspections

Set inspection frequencies by feature. Use real-time visual feedback including run charts and histograms, to monitor and improve processes and prevent defects.

Final Inspection

Set sample size by feature. Share data and analysis with customers from within 1factory. Generate pre-formatted final inspection reports at the click of a button.

Final Inspection

Process Capability Cp, Cpk, & Process Performance Pp, Ppk

Automated Calculations

1factory automatically calculates commonly used Process Capability metrics (Cp, Cpk) and Process Performance metrics (Pp, Ppk). 1factory's analysis supports unilateral specifications, unilateral specifications, normally distributed data, as well as non-normal data.

Normal or Non-Normal Data

1factory supports calculations for both normally distributed as well as non-normal data. 1factory uses non-parametric estimates i.e. the median, 99.5th percentile p(0.995), and the 0.5th percentile values p(.005) to calculate Cp, Cpk for non-normal data.

Process Performance

Measure long-term process capability or process performance using the Pp, Ppk metrics. Compare Pp, Ppk against Cp, Cpk metrics to meausre process stability.

Process Capability

Variation Control / SPC

Measure and control variation for critical-to-quality characteristics. Comply with AS9103 requirements for Variation Management of Key Characteristics with no extra effort.

Guard-bands, Pre-Control

Deploy simple visual controls so that factory technicians can ensure product is free of defects. Enhance guard-bands with simple Pre-Control detection rules.

Individuals Charts

Use individual charts to track individual data points. Use standard Western Electric rules, or add custom rules to detect shifts in processes.

Means Charts

Use x-bar charts to detect shifts and drifts efficiently for larger production runs.

Pre Control, SPC

Non-Conformances, CAPA


Easily create and manage CAPAs for defects, deviations, customer returns, audit findings, safety problems etc. Assign and track action items and CAPA status and ensure timely resolution.

Corrective Actions, CAPA

Follow a structured problem solving process (8D): document the problem, identify the team, implement containment, determine root-cause, implement and validate preventive action.

8D Reports, Trends

Output CAPA into industry-standard 8D format for easier reporting to customers. Easily Pareto non-conformances by part number, type, and cause. Trend non-conformances over time.

DMR, MRB, Non-Conformance, CAPA

Factory Defect-Risk Monitoring

Monitor inspection status and defect-risk across all factories and work-centers from your desktop. Easily drill-down to feature-level performance problems. Prevent defective parts from escaping to customers.

Factory Defect Risk Dashboard

Paperless Quality Control

Version Controlled Quality Control Plans

1factory provides built-in version control for quality control plans. Any changes made to plans are logged along with user name, date and time. Unlike paper-based quality control systems, 1factory ensures that changes to plans are instantly propagated, and every user is always working off the latest quality control plan. You will never again need to worry about accidentally using a down-rev plan on the manufacturing floor.

Digital Data Entry

1factory supports data entry from keyboard, spreadsheets, barcode readers, digital gages, CMMs, etc. along with data uploads from spreadsheets and other data file formats. Capturing data directly from the gage eliminates data-entry errors, minimizes the possibility of incomplete or missed inspections, and frees-up a significant amount of QC inspector time. In addition, 1factory provides instant pass/fail feedback, automated Cp, Cpk calculations, and run-charts and histograms so the technician can make adjustments to the process if necessary.

Easily Retrievable Inspection and Test Records

1factory makes it very easy to associate dimensional data and certs with "handles" or "tags". Typical handles include: work order numbers, purchase order numbers, data ranges, batch numbers, etc. As a result, inspection records are very easy to retrieve, in the event of a customer or auditor request.

Audit Readiness

1factory ensures that you are always ready for a customer or regulator audit with QC Plans, Inspection data, NCs, CAPAs and certs all available from a single system.

A change log maintains change history down to the field-level for QC Plans. A corresponding log maintains inspection data-entry history, including operator name, date, and time for each measurement and upload.

1factory helps minimize disruptions caused by audits. With 1factory, you can demonstrate process control, and increase customer confidence in your ability to deliver high quality products.

1factory also recognizes the need to protect intellectual property (IP). All plans, inspections, and reports can be shared or delivered to customers with IP sensitive features and data filtered out.

Secure and Reliable


To access the system, a user must have a valid user name and password. User names are authenticated via email confirmation. Passwords have mandatory lengths and characters, and are always stored encrypted.

Each user is assigned a role and set of permissions, and every transaction within the system is authenticated against the user's organization, role, and permissions.

Data Security

We encrypt data during transfer using TLS 1.2. The connection is encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM, and uses ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism.

In addition, we use encrypted block storage to protect data and files at rest.

Up-Time and Reliability

1factory has been engineered to be highly scalable and available. Over the last two years, we have not had a single unplanned outage.

1factory backs-up data with 2x daily snapshots. We use a very reliable data-center provider, with production and recovery in two geographic zones to allow fail-over with minimal disruption to our customers.

Trusted by leading manufacturers around the world.