Enforce controls and ensure quality

Enforce the appropriate quality control mechanisms for each feature of each part at each supplier. Communicate requirements and align expectations for critical parts, features, measurement methods, and inspections frequencies between buyer and supplier.

Access real-time supplier quality data

Empower suppliers by simplifying data collection, analysis, and reporting. Benefit from a single repository for quality control plans and measurement data from across your supply chain. Ensure timely data collection and reporting. Access data real-time.

Minimize receiving inspections

Minimize receiving inspection by analyzing data collected by your suppliers. Use variables sampling plans or use process performance in conjunction with final inspection data to inform receiving inspections.

Improve visibility to changes

Ensure supliers are always building to the latest part and drawing revision level. Ensure corrective and preventative actions are reflected in quality control plans.

Measure capability & improve performance

Use process capability (Cp, Cpk) and process performance (Pp, Ppk) analysis to identify high risk processes and parts. Ensure common vocabulary and understanding of metrics, and use instant automated analysis to guide process improvements.

Speed up root cause analysis

Instantly retrieve quality control data associated with a part or process from across the supply chain. Trace problems to the underlying root-causes: human error, manufacturing equipment, measurement system, raw materials, methods of production, and environmental conditions.

Speed up new product introduction

Ensure product specifications, manufacturing process parameters, associated measurement data, and certifications are compiled and verified for First Article or PPAP submission. Automatically identify potential problems.

Ensure traceability across supply chain

Track manufacturing process and quality control data from sub-tier through end-customer. Trace product by serial number, batch number, work order number, lot number, PO number, gage ID, operator ID, machine ID, fixture ID etc.

Develop world-class suppliers

Collaboratively develop and share best-practices with suppliers. Ensure disciplined data collection, analysis and rporting. Make data-driven decisions and minimize the need for in-person audits.

Transform forever the way you work!

Eliminate the chaos and daily fire-fighting from the Supplier Quality Engineer's job, and replace it with a methodical and structured way to ensure quality control. Watch a 3 min video to learn more >>

Intuitive and simple interface. Get suppliers started in less than an hour!

1factory is designed for the front-lines of Quality Control with design inputs and ideas from quality control and manufacturing users.

Our intuitive design and best-in-class screens make navigation a breeze. Training takes less than an hour with no disruption to supplier operations.

We automate the calculations, and simplify the statistics into actionable insights, allowing suppliers to focus on process improvement.

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Start small, and scale as needed. Get a return on investment in weeks!

Our web-based architecture eliminates the need for expensive servers, and IT support. You won't need expensive consultants for configuration or installation. Just log-on and get started.

Our subscription pricing allows you to start small - with just one part and one feature if you want - and allows you to scale infinitely at your own pace.

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