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The 1factory platform supports the requirements of a wide range of industries.

Precision Machining

Align expectations with your customers using quality control plans (inspection plans). Ensure that every team member at both the customer and the supplier, including design engineer, supplier quality engineer, buyer, receiving inspector, manufacturing engineer, production technician, and QC technician, are aligned on what needs to be measured, and how it needs to be measured.

Speed-up data-entry and reduce errors with multiple data-entry choices including keyboard, barcode readers, digital gages, and bulk uploads of spreadsheets. Automate report creation in customer-specific or industry-specific formats (e.g. AS9102, PPAP, FAIR).

Save hours of time per first article or finished goods shipment. Empower factory employees with powerful automated Cpk, Ppk analysis, supported by easy-to-interpret visuals. Reduce scrap, returns, and rework , and improve profitability.

Foster a collaborative environment with customers by sharing data. Demonstrate process controls, eliminate disputes with customers, build trust, and grow your business.

Semiconductor Capital Equipment

Tired of chamber matching problems? Frustrated by defects making their way into manufacturing, and all the way trough install and startup? Unable to enforce manufacturing process of records (PoR) at suppliers? Chasing new defects every day? 1factory can help.

Use powerful feature-level analysis to minimize part-to-part variability for critical parts such as showerheads, pedestals, electrostatic chucks etc. Ensure high feature-level process capability (Cpk, Ppk), and minimize chamber-to-chamber variability. Ensure parts are being inspected, and data is being collected and analyzed, before parts are shipped to your factory or out to your customers.

Efficiently ensure suppliers comply with SSQA and Copy Exact! requirements with no loss in productivity. Use the 1factory supply chain dashbaord to effortless monitor supplier data for thousands of parts across Etch, PVD, CVD, CMP, ALD, platforms. Act on real-time notifications, and prevent defects and high-risk lots from entering your supply chain.

Machinery / Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment and heavy machinery are often operated under very challenging conditions. Components see a wide range of operating stresses, and undetected manufacturing defects, and excessive deviation from the nominal can result in pre-mature component failure.

1factory enables manufacturers of industrial and heavy equipment to ensure that each critical feature, not only meets specifications, but is produced as close to the nominal as possible. Tight process controls ensure reduced stresses and longer product operating life-cycles, cutting down field failures, and reducing warranty costs.

1factory also helps align quality practices, and ensure consistent product quality across global manufacturing plants and suppliers.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturers are responsible for finished product quality, and must therefore control quality across sub-suppliers, as well as internal factories. In addition, they need to comply with varying sets of requirements from manufacturers across industries. They must also aggregate and deliver data from across the supply chain to their OEM customers, as well as enable traceability through their supply chain for root-cause analysis.

1factory's Quality Control Plans create alignment between the Contract Manufacturer, its suppliers, and its customers about what needs to be measured and how. Data is collected per the QCP, and can be compiled into a final shipment report and delivered with the finished product. The final shipment report organizes and delivers formatted information including, a customized cover sheet, summary statistics for all features, raw material certs, and inspection data from suppliers.

In addition, data from 3rd party inspectors, as well as data from receiving inspections and internal manufacturing operations can be aggregated, compared and analyzed if needed. Data is associated with lot numbers, serial numbers, gage IDs, PO numbers, operator IDs, enabling complete traceability from raw material to fnished product, eliminating disputes between contract manufacturer and OEM.

Food Manufacturing

Food processing plants need to manage a variety of specifications, including ingredients, pre-mixes, and packaging. Managing quality for many recipes across geographically distributed plants with local suppliers can be quite challenging. In addition, food processors need to be able to trace SKUs back through the supply chain in the event of a recall.

With 1factory, you can manage the complete specification for each SKU including: ingredients, nutrients, and packaging. Suppliers can provide certificates of analysis, and ingredient lists in advance of shipments, and 1factory system will help identify lots and features that need attention.

Applications include: baked goods, frozen, ready-to-eat, pet-food, wet, dry-food, fresh, frozen, canned, etc.

Medical Devices

A 2012 survey by the FDA found that nearly 14% of all recalls had originated in the supply chain. As a manufacturer of medical devices, you are responsible for the safety, reliability, and quality of your products.

1factory can help ensure product quality at source. Use 1factory to deploy revision controlled control plans to your suppliers, and ensure data is being collected and analyzed in a disciplined manner.

Use the 1factory dashboard to monitor production at suppliers, and ensure that parts below a threshold do not ship without 100% inspection and corrective action.

Compare supplier provided data with 3rd party lab data and internal receiving inspection data to ensure alignment and accuracy. Compile lot history records for shipments from suppliers, to include supplier inspection data along with internal inspection data, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

Manufacturing millions of units of packaging a week requires 24/7 equipment monitoring and frequent product sampling. 1factory enabless manufacturers to collect quality data for continuous manufacturing processes used to manufacture a waide range of packaging products including cans, pouches, laminated films, etc.

Manufacturers can easily manage large volumes of data from in-line monitoring systems. 1factory makes it easy to collect and analyze thousands of lines of data each day, and trace data by lot, date and time range or PO number. 1factory's powerful analysis enables rapid problem identification, and enables trouble-shooting.

Types of packing can include: Aseptic Processing / Tetra Pak, Bag in Box, Blister Pack, Bottles, Cans, Form Fill Seal (FFS), Retort, Trays / Clamshell, and Tubes.