Quality Control for Precision Machining

Ultra Machining Company (UMC) is a manufacturer of high-precision components for medical device, aerospace, and defense applications. The products are complex, with 100 — 800 features per product.

With 1factory, UMC successfully consolidated 5 separate QC systems into 1. Today, data is automatically uploaded from 20 CMMs and 8 VCMMs, 24 hours a day. Over 1 million measurements are recorded in 1factory each month. Auto-ballooning speeds up FAI creation. And hours are saved from each PPAP package creation.

Watch a 4-minute video to hear first-hand experiences from the cross-functional UMC team: Machinists, Quality Engineers, Director of Quality, VP of IT, and VP of Operations.

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Supply Chain Quality Control for Autonomous Drones

Zipline designs, manufactures and operates the world's largest autonomous delivery system, delivering life-saving supplies such as blood and medicines, and cutting delivery time from hours to minutes.

High-quality parts are critical to successful and reliable delivery. To ensure the quality of parts coming in from suppliers, Zipline deployed the 1factory system across its supply chain. Today suppliers create Control Plans and First Articles and submit them to Zipline for review and approval via 1factory. Once Plans and FAIs are reviewed, suppliers submit on-going inspection data to Zipline via 1factory.

Watch a 7-minute video to hear first-hand from the Zipline team (Incoming Inspection, Quality Engineering, Supplier Quality, and Chief Technology Officer) about the power of 1factory, its ease-of-use, its impact on cost of quality, and why 1factory is the best SaaS software Zipline uses.


Quality Control for Critical Gear Drive Manufacturing

Eskridge Inc designs and manufactures application-specific gear drives for aerospace, farming, energy, marine, industrial, and other applications.

Eskridge has to ensure quality for nearly 900 different Gear Drive component made in-house and 500 components from across their supply chain. With 1factory, Eskridge was able to communicate requirements to operators, ensure data was being collected, and was able to significantly reduce scrap and rework.

Read the full case-study along with the Eskridge team's insights into how consistent quality gives them a competitive edge.

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Quality Control for Precision Machining

Fairview Machine is a manufacturer or high precision Aerospace and Medical components. Fairview Machine recently deployed the 1factory quality control system and digitized their QC processes.

"Within the first week, our machinists began to come into the quality department asking when their jobs would be running with 1factory" - Harrison Moulton, Quality Engineer at Fairview Machine Company.

Read the full case-study to learn how Fairview Machine transitioned the entire organization from a paper-based quality system to a paperless one.

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Incoming Inspection (IQC)

Orbit Irrigation is the world's largest manufacturer of sprinkler heads, smart timers, valves, manifolds, and other accessories for residential, agricultural, and commercial irrigation systems. These complex assemblies contain dozens to hundreds of mechanical and electrical components sourced from suppliers around the globe.

With 1factory, Orbit Irrigation was able to move away from paper and excel to digital inspection planning, data collection, and analysis. Once 1factory was selected, the results were practically immediate. "The time savings and reporting accuracy just went through the roof with 1factory, and so many of my tasks have been simplified," says Robin Bushman, Quality Manager at Orbit Irrigation.

Read the Case Study here, OR on Quality Magazine here.


Quality Control for Precision Machining

"1factory has been a game changer for us" - Paul Hayes, President Able Tool Corporation

The 1factory platform was introduced to Able Tool Corporation by their customer, a Major Aerospace OEM. Using 1factory's Supplier Collaboration Portal, Able Tool was able to create and share plans, FAIs, and ongoing production inspection data directly with their OEM customer.

Within the first week, Able Tool successfully delivered 54 FAIs to their customer and realized significant productivity gains. By the end of the first month, Able Tool had delivered over 200 FAIs and decided to adopt 1factory as their internal Quality Control software, transforming their manufacturing operations.

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Quality Control for Precision Machining

By leveraging 1factory, W.H. Bagshaw has realized significant savings in time, resources, and effort. For instance, conducting capability studies for a customer has led to the adoption of centerless ground material, resulting in reduced setup times and decreased scrap rates. These efficiencies directly contribute to cost savings and improved overall productivity.

They now benefit from cleaner inspection and First Article Inspection (FAI) reports, enhanced visualization of priority jobs for management, and improved reporting capabilities for customer requests.

The ability to provide data-driven charts demonstrating their manufacturing capability has strengthened their relationships with clients.

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