Speed-up First Article Inspections from ballooning through data collection and reporting.

PDF Drawing Ballooning

1factory is the fastest drawing ballooning system on the market. 1factory automatically reads and identifies features on your drawing. Simply point and click to add a balloon, and capture the dimension, tolerance, and zone for the First Article Inspection (FAI) report.

CMM Data Import

1factory helps speed-up data capture and eliminates data-entry erros. Automate data collection from digital gages, barcode readers, and CMMs. Upload CMM data output data in .csv and .xls formats or upload other Excel data files.

Reporting, AS9102

Automate First Article Inspection reporting, and output a complete FAI package with dimensional reports, certs, and ballooned drawing in AS9102 and other customer specific formats. Deliver to customers electronically.

Workflow & Approval

Enjoy an end-to-end automated First Article process from Supplier through Buyer. Receive First Article packages from suppliers with problems highlighted by 1factory. Review and approve packages electronically.

Process Management

Assign priorities and distribute first article review work across team members. Measure First Article process performance, with first-article cycle-time, open and aging reports. Bring new products to market faster.