Easy-to-use affordable NCR, CAPA and SCAR software. Get started in minutes.


Non-Conformances: Easily create and manage non-conformances for manufacturing or engineering caused defects, deviations, customer returns, audit findings, safety problems etc. Auto-populate NCR details from Inspections. Assign action-items, and use automated reminders to ensure timely resolution.


Corrective Action Preventive Action: Auto-populate CAPAs and SCARs from NCRs saving data entry time. Setup CAPA templates to guide the user, and ensure a consistent problem solving process. Track CAPA and SCAR progress, and use automatic reminders to ensure timely resolution.


Supplier Corrective Action Reports (SCARs): Create SCARs from NCRs, and assign electronically to suppliers. Receive completed SCAR / 8D reports from suppliers along with required attachments (test results, photos etc.). Track due dates, and easily collect and organize supplier responses.

Defect Logging

Capture judgement inspection data (e.g. visual inspection of PCB assemblies) and record defects by batch number, operation number, product zone, etc. Combine inspection and measurement data with judgement inspection data to get a complete picture of product quality.

Analytics & Reporting

Output CAPAs and SCARs in 8D and other industry standard formats. Optionally download NCR, CAPA, and SCAR data for further analysis. Easily Pareto non-conformances by part number, type, and cause. Filter charts by date range and inspection type.