The 1factory Story: Our Commitment to Manufacturing Excellence.

The Problem we Solve

Over the last decade, every company has seen a dramatic increase in the number of product variants, parts and features that it needs to manage. During the same period, a desire to reduce cost and improve capital efficiency has transformed the supporting supply chain from single-tiered and local, to multi-tiered and global. Quality Engineers now have one of the hardest jobs. On one hand, they are up against more - more features, more process complexity, more parts, more suppliers, in more locations. On the other hand, they are trying for less - shorter cycle times, lower costs, less waste, with fewer defects. Unfortunately, their IT systems haven’t kept up with increased product and supply chain complexity. They are trying to solve a 21st century problem with 20th century tools.

The 1factory Solution

1factory can help. 1factory enables continual collection, analysis and exchange of quality control data within the factory and across the supply chain. Our platform helps manufacturers control all aspects of product quality from first articles and process capability analysis through finished product inspection and root cause analysis. At 1factory, we are focused on making manufacturing and quality control team's jobs easier by solving problems in four areas: data, analysis, access, and collaboration.


Everybody has data, tons of it, that isn't the problem. The problem is it's everywhere, scattered across your factory and your supply chain, in a hundred different formats, devices, or worse yet, on paper. 1factory makes it incredibly simple to collect data and link it directly to blueprints, balloons, batches, lots, gage identifiers, operators, and almost any other identifiers. Digital gage interfaces and barcode readers practically eliminate data entry errors. No more isolated, "islands of data". Instead, you get data in the full context of its use.


Statistical analysis is not trivial. It's difficult to train people, and it's easy to make mistakes. Especially, when you have to analyze data for hundreds of parts and thousands of features every week. 1factory automates the statistical analysis so that you can focus on the critical task of process improvement rather than wasting your time on spreadsheets and calculations. Our powerful analytics help guide your improvement efforts.


Let's face it, globally distributed, multi-tier supply chains wreak havoc on project communications. But no more. With 1factory all your partners share a single, unified view of the project, backed by a high-capacity secure "cloud" database, accessible 24 x 7 to only you and your suppliers. No more emailing spreadsheets or sharing documents. Data is instantly available to those who need it, eliminating delays, and speeding up decison making.


Quality problems can't be solved in isolation. You need the right people, focused on the right issue, at the right time, no matter where they are in the world. That's easy with 1factory. A built-in sharing facility provides secure access to specification and inspection data. With simple, vivid visuals, there's a common understanding of the problem and what the data

Return on Investment

1factory aligns quality control expectations within groups and across companies, automates statistical calculations and reporting, and speeds-up root-cause analysis, allowing you to get your job done faster. Starting-up is easy, and in under one hour, you will be able to create a plan, collect data, review the analysis, and share with a customer or supplier. Unlike traditional software, where ROI may not be achieved for years, 1factory delivers an ROI within weeks. Contact us for a demo and get started today.